EA Sports FC 2024 (PC) Review

EA Sports FC sees the end of the nigh-on three-decade-long partnership between the sports games giants and the governing body of all things soccer, FIFA. Presented with the perfect opportunity to shine as an independent franchise, EA have indeed made a few key changes. However, many things remain the same and the wheels of repetition continue to spin their ceaseless cycle.

This by no means spells the beginning of the end for the franchise, however. EA Sports FC 24 is packed with interesting features and finishing touches. Here are my thoughts on my most anticipated title of this year.

EA Sports FC 24 has a Mixed-Sex Ultimate Team

We live in an age of equality, an era where female sports stars are quite rightly given a share of the limelight. While some may see this as “woke”, the fact remains that it’s a long-overdue sign of progression. With that being said, EA Sports FC has maybe taken things a little too far.

Ultimate Team has long since become the go-to mode for EA soccer games and going forward after their newfound independence, it was important that they got it right and pleased the masses. It would have been fantastic if a new Ultimate Team mode came into play that allowed players to play in either a men’s or a woman’s league but they’ve instead tipped the balance and merged the two sexes into one multi-sex league.

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I’m aware that this may make me sound sexist but in my opinion, the bold move takes away a lot of the realism of the sport. There are players that I’ve never heard of swarming my transfer market, making it difficult to happen upon some of the solid players I have watched play and have at least the vaguest memories of. Like many men, I keep up-to-date with my club’s female team’s victories and defeats but have seldom watched them play due to living in a different country and the games generally not being televized.

EA Sports FC 24 – Gameplay

When it comes down to the bare-bones of EA Sports FC 24, the game is very much a case of more of the same. There is, however, a few little tweaks that go a long way to improve the gameplay experience. One of the most notable new features is a new CGI-style mapping of previous shots on your goal. Appearing in the form of red (missed shot) or green (goal) circles on your goal mouth, with accompanying lines to show the ball’s trajectory, help massively to understand the patterns your opponents take when trying to score and give you the opportunity to react accordingly.

Another feature that I really appreciated finally seeing in a soccer game, was the implementation of injury time. Not only does this add a nice touch of realism to the game, it also fuels the fires of excitement in closely matched games, where an injury time goal can give you a monumental finish and that all important win (or lose, as my case often dictates).

Evolution Adds Much-Needed Depth to EA Sports FC’s Ultimate Team

In earlier EA soccer games, Ultimate Team, while great, didn’t really offer much in terms of actual managerial focus. Yes, you bought players, you won them in packs and you sell them on but the fact remains that there was very little you could do to improve your existing squad.

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Evolution cards have finally broken the mold by allowing you to develop your favorite players into world class superstars. It makes for a more personal experience as you take prodigys under your wing and see them progressing as the games roll by.

EA Sports FC – Summary

If you were a fan of EA‘s FIFA franchise, EA Sports FC will offer you a familiar experience but there’s little doubt that you’ll enjoy some of the fresh innovations that have found their way onto the pitch. Hypermotion2 uses AI coupled with the millions of frames of animations captured from top-tier soccer matches to perfectly simulate the controlled player. Not only does this sound cool on paper but it also gives fluidity to player-control. Hypermoton2 is lightyears ahead of its predeccessor and sets the bench mark for games further down the line.

EA Sports FC will offer lifelong players a familiar experience with a number of pleasantly surprising tweaks, while offering new players an explosive entry into soccer video games.

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EA Sports FC will offer lifelong players a familiar experience with a number of pleasantly surprising tweaks, while offering new players an explosive entry into soccer video games. Back of the net!

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