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After Marvel’s Avengers fell from the skies like a proverbial lead balloon, Square Enix knew they had some making up to do. Seemingly by way of retribution, Guardians of the Galaxy was announced at the Square Enix E3 Showcase earlier this year. Will it be enough to regruntle the disgruntled?

guardians of the galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy Storyline

Despite the game being set to release very soon, little has been announced about the acutal storyline. The trailer below offers a little information but far from enough to get our teeth stuck into. What we do know, however, is that the band of unlikely heroes are up against The Universal Church of Truth – a cult-like order comprising of aliens. This holy bunch travel the galaxy offering peace and an ending to all suffering. If accepted, the Church peacefully takes over and fulfils its promise. If denied, however, they wage wars and purge whole planets, exterminating anyone not complying to their ways.

This holy bunch are likely to make formidable foes, with Magus at the helm.

Not much more information is out there pertaining to the storyline. Their website is pretty vague on the matter, only offering up:

Your newly-formed band of legendary misfits is set to save the universe in this fresh but faithful take on the Guardians of the Galaxy. Somehow, you set off a chain of catastrophic events, leading to a wild ride through mind-blowing worlds inhabited by iconic and original Marvel characters. Turn up the all-star ‘80s mixtape and get ready to kick it.
guardians of the galaxy

Despite the lack of information on the narrative, we do have some cool news about the gameplay aspect of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Guardians of the Galaxy Gameplay

It’s evident that Eidos wanted to steer well clear of the clamity of repetitiveness that plagued Marvel’s Avengers. The narrative’s focus will remain on the only playable character, Star-Lord. While Rocket, Groot, Gamora and Drax the Destroyer won’t be featuring as playable characters, they will play an integral part in the game and, indeed, the combat. Your fellow team members can be called upon on-the-fly as you fight your way through the hordes. Each team character has their own vairiety of attacks and can each help in their own way.

Star-Lord’s fighting style is looking very similar to that which we saw in the Devil May Cry franchise. Star-Lord has his firearm for long-range combat and a variety of kicks and punches for when things get up close and personal. The attacks will be chainable and ultimately allow for a super attack once an XP meter has been filled. This is far from a fresh approach but it’s nonetheless an approach that has been proven to work and provide a fluid fighting mechanic to many games since DMC. Tied in with the ability. to call on your teammates at the push of a button, Guardians iof the Galaxy is shaping up to offer lashings of fast-paced action.

Important Choices will be Made

Square Enix and Eidos have said that choices will play a large part in how the story pans out and decisions can have serious effects on the way the story unfolds. By adding real consequences (and rewards) as a result of the choices you make, the developers further immerse you into the world. Another tried and tested method of captivating the player and certainly a real game changer.



We’re really looking forward to getting out hands on Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s graphically stunning, the action is fun and fast-paced and we just know the story is going to be great. Add in the token humor of the Guardians and we have a real recipe for an A1 beat-em-up superhero game. Furthermore, the soundtrack is full of songs from the greatest era of music, the 1980s. With bands such as Motley Crue, Def Leppard and Tears for Fears playing us through the game, we can’t wait!

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is set to release on October the 26th, on the PlayStation 5.

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