ServiceIT: You can do IT (PC) – Early Access Review

In collaboration with FreeMinds, indie development team Picture4U bring us ServiceIT: You can do IT. Part business tycoon game and part business simulator, this upcoming title takes you behind the scenes of an IT company as you undertake the day-to-day tasks of running a flourishing tech business.

ServiceIT: You can do IT is Deep

While many simulation games involve a lot of repetition, ServiceIT: you can do IT offers a wide array of different tasks to keep the game fresh and interesting.

ServiceIT: You can do IT Early Access Review - MyGamer

Owning an IT solutions business involves an abundance of jobs. Repair electrical equipment using specialized tools, setup your company’s network to secure it from would-be threats and place your stamp on your office by decorating it to your style and tastes.

Fixing Equipment in ServiceIT: you can do IT

Fixing electronics is the bread and butter of any IT solutions enterprise and this game is true to it’s premise. Choosing from a good selection of electronic repair tools, you pick the best tool for the job and begin disassembling the broken device.

ServiceIT: You can do IT Early Access Review - MyGamer

Replace blown resistors, repair faulty connections and fix circuitry. When the workload starts to prove all too much for your outdated tech, update it or buy a brand new unit.

The disassembly of devices is a fun and absorbing mini-game. There are many different types of devices that need repairing and opening them up to diagnose the problem is often rewarded with a great sense of accomplishment.

Decorate your Workspace

Any budding entrepreneur needs a sleek and stylish, clutter-free workspace in which to work their magic. Dip into those fortunes and treat yourself to new furniture, floorings and decor; straight from your PC.

ServiceIT: You can do IT Early Access Review - MyGamer

The options available for office decor are plentiful and it’s quite easy for time to run away as you make your office your own. This feature also encourages more play as you wheel and deal your way to the prices needed for some of the products from the higher end of the market.

Setup and Configure your Network

As an IT entrepreneur it’s important to have a stable and secure Internet network. ServiceIT: You can do IT puts this in your capable hands. You will need to assign IP addresses to different workstations, configure permissions for staff members and diagnose network faults.

ServiceIT: You can do IT Early Access Review - MyGamer

This element of the game is unique and refreshing to see. It offers a good insight into how networks work but doesn’t become too complicated or tedious.

Hire and Fire Staff

To be a successful company, you first need a reliable team of staff to keep the gears of business nicely oiled and working well. ServiceIT: You can do IT allows you to choose from a list of enthusiastic candidate profiles to hire from. On the other end of the scale, fire those that are just no longer longer cutting the mustard.

ServiceIT: You can do IT Early Access Review - MyGamer

Budgeting is a large part of the game and it’s important to keep an eye on those wages, taxes and bonuses. If you fall into financial hardship, loans are available to keep you in the game. Balance your books and remain shrewd to avoid that dreaded business closure.

ServiceIT: You can do IT – Summary

This upcoming title was fun to play and offered variety and depth, all at a relaxing pace. The different elements of the game work well together to keep the boredom at bay. The different elements seen in ServiceIT: You can do IT are innovative and surprisingly intricate. We found ourselves losing track of time as we tuned in to the game’s gifts of fun more than once.

A free ServiceIT: You can do IT demo is now available on Steam if you wanted to check it out for yourself.


Our Rating - 8.5


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A great well-rounded simulator with a lot to offer.

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