Mutant Football League 2 (PC) Early Access Review

Mutant Football League 2 is currently in EARLY ACCESS. The full game is scheduled to be released in Q4 2024.

Mutant Football League 2 is a football game with a violent and bloody twist. Developed and published by Digital Dreams Entertainment, this gruesome (yet hilarious) take on football offers the same turbulent experience from its 1993 counterpart but brought into the modern world using cutting-edge technology and the improved power of consoles and contemporary gaming PCs. You can check out our coverage of Mutant League Football, the first game released in 2018, HERE.

Mutant Football League 2 Review | MyGamer

Explosive Arcade Fun That Doesn’t Deter Far From the Classic Hit

Coming from the original creator of the Sega Genesis classic, Mutant Football League 2 doesn’t stray far from the path so savagely beaten by its predecessor. Expect the same wild carnage and some of the deadly plays seen almost 30 years ago and more as you battle it out on the Iron Grid against teams of ghoulish mutants and bloodthirsty monsters.

With this being the Mutant Football League, of course, each arena is riddled with deadly traps that menacingly prime the stage for wanton destruction and abundant bloodshed. Dodge landmines, spears shooting from the ground and even sandworms and other nefarious creatures as you take to 8-on-8 battles in the most brutal arenas seen in sports video games.

Mutant Football League 2 Review | MyGamer

In the Mutant Football League, victory can be won in two different ways. Will you opt for the more conventional means of scoring more points or go all-out to maim, mangle and destroy your opposition? There’s only one rule in Mutant Football League 2, and that is that there are no rules.

Mutant Football League 2: Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap

OK, so they’re actually called “Dirty Tricks” but that wouldn’t have fitted in with my AC/DC reference. Dirty Tricks are a way to further pollute the game and turn the tides of fortune when you need it most. There’s a plethora of such tricks to unlock and explore but the more notable of these are the ability to weaponize the ball with bombs or razor wire to obliterate chancing defensive backs, as you lull them into a false sense of hope; riling up the home support, inciting near-riots and turning the arenas into cauldrons of malice and, last but certainly not least, just throwing all caution to the wind, skipping the niceties and carving through your opponents with shotguns and buzz saws.

Mutant Football League 2 Review | MyGamer

There always seems to be something new to find in Mutant Football League 2. Some new way of turning the tables and leaving the bloody battles victorious. If all else is failing, just bribe the referee to turn a blind eye or make crazy decisions that go against the opposes team. In Mutant Football League 2, the gloves are well and truly off (maybe even replaced altogether by spiked knuckledusters).

Dynasty Supreme – The Mutant Football League 2 Career Mode

Dynasty Supreme is the franchise mode for Mutant Football League 2 and the go-to option for single players. Starting with a motley crew of rookie players, your task is to carry them through several seasons and earn your squad the coveted “Dynasty” title. Unlock special cards to upgrade players and learn new Dirty Tricks to arm yourself with in battle. If you’re lucky, you might just unlock an historic player to add to your roster.

Mutant Football League 2 Review | MyGamer

Mutant Football League 2 – Summary

Being a huge fan of EA’s 1993 original, Mutant Football League 2 took me right back to my childhood and unlocked some core memories from the days of yore. This fresh, new, and very shiny sequel offers the same style of arcade fun but with features to bring it into the modern world. It still holds that specific brand of charm but hits so much harder than the original title.

Mutant Football League 2 is available to buy now on Steam and should find its way to the Xbox and PlayStation consoles in the near future.





This fresh, new, and very shiny sequel offers the same style of arcade fun but with features to bring it into the modern world.

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