Anvil Saga (PC) Review

From the inspired minds of HeroCraft PC comes Anvil Saga, an addictive strategy game staged during the medieval era. Stepping into the heavy boots of a 15th century blacksmith, you start at the very bottom to build your workshop into a flourishing smithery.

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Anvil Saga is Dripping in Medieval Charm

Visually, Anvil Saga is simplistic yet full of wholesome charm. Opting for a clean, 2-D pixel styling, HeroCraft perfectly encapsulate the ‘there be dragons’ age. From the soothing, periodic melody playing in the background to the crisp, clear sound effects, everything about Anvil Saga is ready and poised to set the picturesque scene.

Anvil Saga – Gameplay

At its core, Anvil Saga is a bare bones tycoon simulation game. However, the game blows the cookie-cutter generation out of the water with a number of interesting features, occurrences and tough decisions to be made.

Starting with nothing but a lowly forge and a basic smelter, you’re tasked with making gold to build your basic setup into a blossoming, thriving blacksmith shop. As you earn gold, more and more possibilities open up to you, allowing you to add annexes such as a coal mine, a bedroom, a kitchen and eventually, a whetstone – allowing you to add to the services you can offer and, more importantly, to your increasingly rich coffers of gold.

Anvil Saga review

As you progress through the game, schematics are found and unlocked, giving you the useful ability of offering more and more products to your list of clients and cater to their eclectic needs.

Don’t Forget to Pay your Tax

Ah, it seems we can’t escape that dreaded three-letter word, and it haunts us even in our downtime. As with any business making money, the government feel they are owed their slice of the pie and the dreaded tax man does their bidding.

As tempting as it is to spend the fruits of your labor in one place, it’s not the most business savvy of decisions. Be sure to have your tax ready, or pay the deadly price.

Anvil Saga review

Be Careful of your Reputation

As with any business, your reputation as a blacksmith in Anvil Saga is paramount. If you give a poor quality of service, expect nothing more than a poor quality list of clientele. Your reputation is key to putting bread on the table and growing your empire. As positive word of mouth reaches the far corners of the world, expect visits from some dubiously familiar faces.

The reputation system is one of the many elements that set Anvil Saga lightyears ahead from its generic competitors.


As your progress through the game, characters will pop by and ask you to fill specific orders. Completing these tasks will reward you handsomely and increase your all-important reputation. However, with great reward often comes with great risk. For example: forging weapons to arm the English army will make you sworn enemies of their French neighbors; get spied making an axe for a bandit by a peasant and you’ll quickly make an enemy of the masses. Anvil Saga is all about finding the perfect balance and tight-roping the fine line of politics.

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Anvil Saga is an absolute delight to play. It’s adorable, pixel graphics are garnished with perfect lighting effects, making the tycoon game an absolute pleasure on the eye. With the medieval melody playing in the background and the whole host of characters you meet, the bygone era once again shines through the power of video games.

If, like us, you are fans of the era and are looking for a deeply intricate game to lose yourself in, then Anvil Saga is your perfect medicine.


Our Rating - 9.5


Total Score

Anvil Saga is the perfect tycoon game to take you back to the medieval age. A charming, rewarding game that must be tried by any fan of the genre.

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