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Turtle Rock shook the gaming horror genre in 2008 when they released cooperative zombie-fest Left 4 Dead. Due to the resounding success of the first game, the American studio went on to release another title; creatively coined Left 4 Dead 2. With both titles garnering so much interest, the L4D franchise fans were left confused when the team seemingly ended things after the second game in 2009. However, hope is finally on the horizon.

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Over the last decade-and-a-half, these much-loved and vastly popular games have become something of a bygone era. Like flared trousers, tank tops and roller skates; the Left 4 Dead games are something we all remember loving but have learned to accept the untimely cancellation of the series as a distant but cherished memory.

The 2020 Game awards, however, cast a shining light of hope across fans worldwide, as they saw Turtle Rock announce the upcoming title, Back 4 Blood. The long-awaited third installment is finally on its way this year (2021); but what has changed?

What we Know about Back 4 Blood

The surprise announcement uncovered that they have been working on another Left 4 Dead game, Back 4 Blood. Rather than being a sequel, the American Studio has decided to go one better; by rebooting the popular series they are also making it bigger, better, and zombie…er.

The footage available shows that the freshly risen title will focus a lot more on the co-op element of gameplay than its predecessors. By overwhelming the party with hordes-upon-hordes of the infected, players will be discouraged from the lone wolf maverick runs that we saw in the earlier games. This, of course, will mean less running around trying to revive Yosemite Sam every few minutes.

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New creatures have also been thrown into the mix. With the gameplay reveal trailer laying heavy focus on a gargantuan, 20-foot-tall ogre-like creature, we already know we can expect big things from Turtle Rock this year; quite literally in this case. Alongside the towering terrors, we are promised a whole magnitude of new infected. Another notable new addition is the Snitch. As their namesake suggests, these scream on seeing you, alerting close by infecting; in short, a real thorn in your side. Of course, there will be plenty more different enemies added to the awesome sauce; Bruisers, Retchers, and Hockers, to name but a few.

Back 4 Blood Release Date and Available Platforms

Pleasingly to many, Back 4 Blood will be available on all main current consoles: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and of course, PC. Expect to be hacking and slashing your way through the throngs of undead on the 22nd of June 2021.

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My Thoughts

While I am indescribably excited for June 21 to be crossed of my calendar, I also have a little, niggling feeling; the all too familiar sensation of apprehension. I have high hopes for the return of a franchise that defined a gaming era and created a genre. However, I just don’t want them to take a great part of all of our pasts and ruin it in an attempt to modernize. We have seen this in so many cases and I truly hope this is what I am expecting.

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