Forspoken (PS5/PC) Preview

Forspoken is an long-announced and upcoming game, developed by Luminous Productions and published by RPG masters, Square Enix. Originally titled Project Athia after the game’s vast map, Forspoken looks every inch like a Game of the Year contender.

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Forspoken Story

The gameplay trailer that was launched alongside the game’s announcement (way back in June, 21) shows the female protagonist, Frey, being transported to a faraway land during a storm, where ‘there be dragons’ and demon-like creatures wander the lands.

Understandably, Frey is awash with confusion when she first sets foot in Athia. During her state of bewilderment, a seemingly disembodied voice speaks out and eventually reveals itself to be coming from the cuff that our hero is now mysteriously wearing. The levels of wonder only increase for Frey Holland upon discovering she has been gifted with a set of supernatural powers, focused around the wind element.

The exact details on the storyline as still pretty vague. However, it looks like your main objective is to find yourself a way to get back home to New York. The lands of Athia are inhabited by a strange army of creatures called Tantas and it seems they are all that stand in your way and defeating them is the only way back to the Big Apple.

Forspoken review

Expect more from Forspoken

As mentioned, the exact details on the story are pretty vague. With that being said, a lot more can be expected than our very brief outline. While Luminous Productions are a relatively unknown studio, they are those responsible for the epic JRPG title, Final Fantasy XV, back in 2006. With this information, we can safely assume that Forspoken will follow a deeply engaging narrative with an immersive plot.

Furthermore, with Forspoken being an RPG, we can expect we’ll be able to upgrade Frey’s powers and equipment as we progress through the game and level-up.

Forspoken review

Forspoken – Delayed Release and Early Doubts

Following the original announcement back in 2021, gamers were left with a mixed bag of feelings. Many were impressed by the stunning visuals and witty protagonist, whereas others noticed that the sprawling lands of Athia seemed a little under populated and lacklustre. However, after two push-backs we can only hope that this issue is addressed before the game finally launches. The ample extra time the developers now have should give them the time to abolish any concerns and allow the game to live up to its deep potential.

Key Names behind Forspoken

Forspoken is in the hands of a very capable team and has some very renowned members aboard for this project. Writer, Amy Hennig, will be leading the writing team and with works such as the Unchartered series under her belt, we can expect one hell of a story. The music score will be handled by none other than the genius behind God of War. With heavily esteemed talents like these on board, Forspoken will be a memorable experience.

Forspoken review

Forspoken – Platforms and Release

Forspoken has been announced for January 23, 2023 and will be available on PlayStation 5 and PC. The exact PC specifications are yet to be released but we do know a 64-bit processor will be needed.

Forspoken Summary

The open world of Forspoken looks beyond stunning. With Ray-Tracing in play, the universe is brought to life with ultra-realistic graphical prowess. The land of Athia offers varied terrains to traverse (sometimes using your powers) and a lot of scope for deep exploration and discovery.

The protagonist herself offers witty one liners and a tough New York girl attitude. It’s always great to see a main character with such personality and we can’t wait wait to see more of her when the game finally hits the stores next year.

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