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Every member of the Mygamer team is a games player, each one an impassioned and self-proclaimed expert on their favorite particular genre; it makes for some colorful, and often heated, forum discussion—and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Being a gamer is at the heart of our team, it is the infrastructure that connects us and drives us forward. First and foremost, we are gamers; regardless of our sexes, our day jobs, locations, circumstance, or our contentious opinions, we are forever bound by gaming in all its guises. This is Mygamer. 

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An IT nerd with too much time on his hands who plays way to many games. go figure.
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PC Editor. I am amazing and super awesome. I also fight crime in my free time
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Editor in Chief - been writing for MG for well over a decade. Gaming enthusiast. Hater of pants.
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President & CEO