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With so many simulation games landing recently, Forest Ranger Simulator developers really have their work cut out. To stand out from the recent torrent of sim titles, something special needs to be brought to the proverbial table and a new bar needs to be set.

Thankfully, the Kickstarter project is in the very capable hands of development studio, FreeMind SA. With a history of simulation games and, of course, the hugely popular Serious Fun Football – which we reviewed last year – under their belts, the future is looking bright indeed for Forest Ranger Simulator.

Forest Ranger Simulator Review - MyGamer

Forest Ranger Simulator

It has to be said that Forest Ranger Simulator doesn’t exactly start with a bang. On your first day, your first task is to do your first clean up. This involves roaming around the forest, picking up litter and sorting various garbage items into their respective bins. This does go on for a little too long and fast becomes arduous to a point we were wondering if this was all that the game involved.

Forest Ranger Simulator Review - MyGamer

Forest Ranger Simulator is Surprisingly Deep

Alas, the game eventually opened up into a fairly intricate simulation. While we still had to roam our park and keep it tidy by picking up litter, these moments were punctuated with an array of the kind of jobs you would expect to be doing as a forest ranger. Protect wildlife by putting out small forest fires and scaring away would-be poachers, or help it flourish by feeding animals, building beehives and birdhouses to give them a home – it’s all in a day’s work for any forest ranger worth his (or her) salt.

Forest Ranger Simulator Review - MyGamer

Of course, with every job comes a little downtime. Spend your free time on the job by observing wildlife and collecting information on wild fauna, herbs and mushrooms. This educational addition is informative and interesting, without making the game a dull walk around a science museum.

It’s great that FreeMinds SA have worked to encourage a little awareness in both the dangers that face wildlife and the effect our actions have upon it. It’s definitely a topic that I can get behind, but is rarely touched upon in the video games industry.

Enjoy Forest Ranger Simulator in Sandbox Mode

If keeping the forest clean and tidy, helping wildlife and studying plants aren’t your thing, Forest Ranger Simulator has its own sandbox mode. Here, you are free to do as you please, all without the restraints and responsibilities of the working life.

Forest Ranger Simulator Review - MyGamer

The trailer boasts that in sandbox you will have the much-coveted opportunity of building your very own Statue of Liberty out of … ahem…. trash. We’re unsure whether or not this ground-breaking news will have people rushing to Steam, credit card in hand but the chance is there nonetheless.

Forest Ranger Simulator‘s sandbox – Lady Liberty or not – will be a mode to express yourself and explore nature untethered by the tasks of Quest Mode.

Go Green with Forest Ranger Simulator

To go that little bit further with the eco theme Forest Ranger Simulator follows, FreeMinds SA have pledged to donate a percentage of their profits to planting new trees and rebuilding rainforests. Just exactly what this percentage is is unknown. Regardless, it’s a truly commendable pledge and far more than other studios have offered.

Forest Ranger Simulator Review - MyGamer

Forest Ranger Simulator – Summary

The Kickstarter demo shows plenty of promise and an eclectic range of task to keep you busy. Fans of the genre will find Forest Ranger Simulator has a lot to offer and will find a lot of enjoyment in the detail of the game. The information the game offers gives it a new layer and encourages you to explore deeper into the forest, while scaring away poachers will always conjure up a certain satisfaction as you protect your furry (and feathery) charges.

The full release is supposed to launch Q2 2023. If there are major updates, we will report back when the time comes.


Our Rating - 7


Total Score

A thoroughly enjoyable simulator game with a lot to offer.

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