FIFA 23 (PC) Review

It’s 1993, Whitney Housten is telling everybody she will always love us through HiFi systems and ‘ghetto blasters’ the world over, while Haddaway asks us “What is Love?”. The fashion is questionable and Steely Dan make their first comeback.

These were simple times. Gamers were reveling in the glory of 16-bit awesomeness and wondering how games could possibly get any more ‘realistic’. It was in this year that EA finally decided to grace our screens with EA International Soccer, when it hit the Sega Megadrive.

Little did our younger minds know back then that this was merely the first offering of a 29-year reign.

FIFA 23 Review

FIFA 23 – Farewell, FIFA. Not Goodbye

It’s no secret that FIFA 23 is to be the last EA title to go under the ‘FIFA’ moniker. With the end of an era drawing in, however, another one emerges. While the globally familiar name will be gone, EA are set to embark on a new journey with EA Sports FC. We wrote a little on what will change earlier this year.

With FIFA 23 being the very last title officially backed by FIFA, EA had no other option than to go out in a blaze of glory and leave a shining legacy of a much-loved franchise. It’s safe to say they did. So, what makes this crowning title stand out from its many worthy predecessors?

FIFA 23 Review

FIFA 23 – Gameplay

HyperMotion 2 brings vast improvements to FIFA 23. With over 60,000 animations – taken from real games and training sessions -, the players move with a lot more grace and fluidity. In turn, this extends to how the game feels to play. Straight away you notice a clear difference to FIFA 21. It feels fresh, seamless and far more natural.

All-New Set Pieces

If there’s one element to the FIFA franchise that was beginning to grow stagnent, it was the set pieces; corner kicks especially. With it’s final crack at the dice, EA have undertaken a complete overhaul of how corners are played. Where in (all of) the older games, corner kicks were taken from an aeriel view and without any indication of ball path; FIFA 23 offers a closer, lower angle and throws in a guidence line for good measure (which can be manipulated with the right stick on consoles). Yes, like all new mechanics, this does take a little getting used to. However, in just a few matches you will be scoring like a pro, thanks to this game-changing improvement.

FIFA 23 Review

Shooting and Power Shots

The shooting mechanics have also been given a make-over. There’s more variety to the options available to you when shooting on goal. The most noticable of these is the option to play Power Shots. By holding the bumper buttons down (console) as you take a shot, you hit the ball with a catacylistic force and boosted spin. However, taking these shots is a gamble as the manual aiming; a longer charge animation and the risk of overhitting mean you need to time your shot perfectly and deliver with precision.

Women’s Super League

Going by the old adage of ‘better late than never’, EA have finally included the Women’s Super League and will allow players to play as the female counterpart teams in the World Cup. One can only wonder why this has taken so long.

FIFA 23 Review


It’s great to have been able to finally confirm that the ‘FIFA’ banner will burn away in a blaze of glory. The improved HyperMotion technology works wonders in terms of fluidity, aesthetics and general feel of the game. Furthermore, set pieces are innovative and fresh; making them a joy to play and a great cherry atop a glorious gameplay gateaux.

With these cutting edge improvements and all of the game modes we know and love, FIFA 23 is the perfect ‘Sayonara’ for such a legendary title.


Our Rating - 9


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Going out in style, FIFA 23 is an absolute must-have for any soccer fans or fans of EA's FIFA franchise.

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