Mygamer Podcast: Episode 2

I know what almost every single person out there is thinking, “Why can’t I listen to Gillman and Zack talk about the shortage of Amiibos like it is important or impacts anything in any real way?” Well don’t you worry faithful reader/listener, that is almost exactly what we do while Adam/new guy politely listens to us ramble.  We try to go back onto top of the news, or the new Dragon Age or other new and important games, but can you really expect us to worry about anything when there are Meta-Knights out there that we don’t currently own.

At some point I bring up how impressed I am with the New 3DS and how I think it isn’t a waste of money, but that is right before I start talking about my overwhelming need for a Toon Link and Mega Man.  It is more entertaining if you just listen to the entire thing wondering when we are finally going to break again and start complaining about Amiibos.

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