Primal Carnage: Extinction PC Review

Someone made a first person shooter that is simply just humans vs dinosaurs. Sadly, Primal Carnage forgot to check the part of the game where they do anything about the section of the design document where they work on the balance and kind of just trusted the players to be on their best behavior when they joined a server. Instead you almost always have one side trolling the other with dinos while the humans hide in some remote corner and plead with them to be given a fighting chance. In other words, the balancing issues result in the dinos winning pretty much every time.

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In most shooters, dominate players take control through memorization of each map, weapon location, and overall strategy as more time is spent with the game. Primal Carnage is a little different. When you mix in straight up broken mechanics of dinosaurs that have roughly 20 times the health as anyone on the other team, are able to perform one hit kills, and heal easily throughout most maps, while the other team can throw small sticks at them, hide, run out of ammo, and have an amazing difficulty finding any form of healing. Like a peashooter next to a bazooka, the humans get the short end of the stick.

One bite kills

One bite kills

It is entirely possible to have fun in Primal Carnage: Extinction, but that is pretty much only if you go out of your way to join a team of dedicated players. The way that the game is broken up doesn’t have enough freedom to be interesting, nor enough form to really be any real type of mainstream game. The only thing that was done well is making the game look good for a budget title, although the more that free game resources exist in the wild is less impressive. Also, calling the game a budget title is misleading as there are micro-transactions hidden inside to unlock some of the dinos and skins for human characters, which oddly seems to be enough of a nail in the coffin to tell anyone that they would probably be best to avoid the game altogether.

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  1. Avatar of GRIZZ GRIZZ says:

    just for a second, i thought this was a primal rage PC remake, and i was happy.

    now im so much sadder.

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