LoveKami -Healing Harem (PC) Review

LoveKami -Healing Harem- is the fourth title in the LoveKami series.  For those unaware, the Kami in the title is the Japanese word for a god, implying that the player is having a god fall in love with them – the rest of the title can be inferred from there. As with the previous entries this is a pretty straight forward eroge visual novel released in the states by MoeNovel.  That means that the minimum requirements have been met to keep it on Steam, so fan patches will be needed for the full experience.

The character designer from the last two titles, Mizuno Sao, returns to this title and does an excellent job with the art.  The girls inside emote well, and all fall into their stand tropes—from your classic tusndre, to the love-able/over obsessed, and the kind-of-girl next door.  The art is probably the most stand out part of the game itself, as everything is unique and interesting.  The only real issue is that sometimes the characters can get a little muddied when the camera zooms in closer that was intended, show that they aren’t truly that high resolution.

The same cannot be said about the story, though, which is generic at best.  Since the game itself is published by MoeNovel it is edited for release on Steam.  If the buyer goes into the game knowing that fact this isn’t a problem, but what does become a problem is that the game becomes a bland and forgetful Rom/Com leaning on the lewd side.  There are many VNs to choose from, and when it boils down to it, this one doesn’t do anything interesting enough to really break apart from the rest. LoveKami -Healing Harem- might be a better game in a couple of months when a fan figures out how to create a patch to uncensor the game and get whatever nudity was supposed to in it, back in.  But in the state that it is at the moment, and without fan involvement, there isn’t really that much that can be recommended.  It almost a blank canvass without much drawn on it.  With more and more Visual Novels finally making it over to the west, players might want to look elsewhere first.  A good suggestion would be the Nekopara series.


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