A4-Tech: Bloody Ultra Core 3 Gaming Mouse Review (Hardware)

At my desk at home I have an old Logitech gaming mouse that has been my primary device for years.  It is so sensitive that passing cars will occasionally awake my computer.  I am able to adjust the weight to the half-ounce and have a sense that the thing has slowly become an extension of my hand.  I also paid around 100 dollars for the thing and thought very hard about just how insane it sounded to be spending that much money on something that normally comes free with the purchase of anything.

The problem has been that there have only ever really been two camps when it came to buying a mouse, those that are purely functional and forgettable and those that are highly crafted precision devices that people from the 80’s would have based science-fiction on.  There has been plenty of room for the middle ground to be filled with function and awesome gaming mice, but it seems to have been largely ignored. That is until Ultra Core 3 came out with one of the first affordable mice that can be replaced when a random beverage gets spilled on it.

This mouse can reduce your recoil

This mouse can reduce your recoil

The Core 3 does some really interesting things right out of the box, namely having a rapid fire mode that is fancy enough to change the color of the mouse wheel.  There is also software included in the box that brags that it can reduce weapon recoil and correct all kinds of odd mouse related issues within a game.  While that is all really cool, and the rapid fire mouse clicking is something that would be neat for some games, I am pretty sure that these are exactly the type of things that most servers look for in the way of cheating software and would probably quickly end in a ban from playing there again.

It's pretty

It’s pretty

What Ultra Core 3 has managed to hit on is making a really solid inexpensive product that feels pretty good in the hand.   The cord of the mouse is a decent length as well, which is also something that you don’t normally see in a mouse under 60 dollars.  The beauty of this device is that it feels like something that would normally cost more, but it comes in at an economic price.  At the time of this writing the suggested price of the mouse is 30 dollars, but considering the way that computer hardware fluctuates from site to site it can easily be purchased for almost half of that.

The only real problem with the Gun 3 is that it isn’t a more expensive product, which is pretty much an unfair comparison.  For all intents and purposes this mouse costs the same as almost any terrible and forgettable attachment that comes free with a computer,  and yet the only fair way to talk about it is by bringing up things that cost far more.  Sure, the software that comes with it is probably going to get you banned from a server if you attempt to use it, and calibrating it is probably more difficult than just getting better at the game, but for the price you really can just have two of these laying around on the off chance that that ultra-expensive Logitech mouse dies.

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  1. Avatar of nate5 nate5 says:

    Pretty nice review! I have a friend that owns this mouse, and it’s served him faithfully for a good few years. I hope you can do more of these! I have a DeathAdder right now, and I might be looking for a replacement.

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