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A Song in the Void is an indie game made by a small company, which at one point was an impressive feat.  Now it almost seems like any other person with a weekend and a Steam account is publishing barely held together coherent thoughts.  Many of these games are bad.  This game, though, manages to entirely miss that mark and become offensive to pretty much every sense on its downward spiral.

You can watch our attempt at playing this game with the stream above.

The worst offender is probably the physics.  The player is entirely capable of doing the same exact input several times in a row and receive entirely different results.  Add into this that surfaces are randomly slippery, the player character may/may not carry momentum from the platform they are on, and what is presented is more of a non-functioning Rube Goldberg machine instead of a game.

The music is also not good.  It is the same thing played over and over.  At first it was interesting, when opening different devices to progress the level unlocked different parts of the song to play; then it became annoying when it was always the same song.  Sprinkle in unavoidable deaths throughout with the song always starting over again and again, and what was a simple and perfectly serviceable single level tune soon becomes the reason the sound is off for the entire game.

This review could go on for some time detailing everything that is wrong with the title, from the graphics minimalist and just ending up looking lazy, to the plot being a terrible and lazy rehash of dystopian future movies like Gattaca.  It wouldn’t be worth the time or effort of anyone involved, though.  The best thing about this game was the moment that it is removed from the hard drive of whatever device it is on.  The speed-run version is to simply not install it.

By: Gillman


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This game makes slam poetry nights sound appealing.

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