Ultimate Fishing Simulator (PC) Review

This game is way better than it has any right to be.  Most reviews don’t start that way, but it is a matter of fact.  Ultimate Fishing Simulator manages to mix RPG elements, money management, and catching big honkers (fish).  It doesn’t really matter, because the game is pretty much the perfect title to play when you just don’t know what to put on between games.  It requires almost no dedication, expects nothing out of the player, but is willing to reward them the more that they play it.

Watch us catch some honkers in our stream below:

Ultimate Honker Sim also looks amazing, which is pretty impressive considering it is a budget title.  It is also entirely online, meaning that every location the player goes to is populated by other players—represented by cute generic icons—who are also trying for the biggest honkers in the pond at the moment.  There isn’t ever anything to get bored about either, because the music that is randomly playing is a selection of hundreds of internet radio stations, somehow.

Honker Honker Honker is pretty great.  The day that we streamed it, it crashed a handful of times, which turned out to be on my end, from my computer.  We also note on the stream that it was updated twice that day.  There is no other game out there with that kind of dedication from the devs.  Buy this game.  You owe it to yourself. Also to the honkers.


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