FiberTales: DummyKart (PC) Review with stream

There are some games out there that feel like they just miss the mark of being good but a handful of changes or additions could have made the entire experience into a classic.  Then there are the games like FiberTales, that miss the mark of being entertaining, their genre, basic controls, or any kind of fundamentals.   

DummyKart is probably the best way to refer to this game as it seems to ignore all lessons that have ever been learned by those that came before it; meaning, any game that has ever done anything ever.  The experience, from start to finish, feels like it was the devs first pass in Unity and decided that four days of effort was enough for the Steam storefront.

It isn’t that the controls are bad, they are overly sensitive, and it isn’t that it is frequently vague on what constitutes collision or not, even though calling it confusing would be overly high praise.  The real issue with the title is that it frequently will give objectives that must be complete to move to the next level.  Almost without fail, every single one of these needs to be completed flawlessly, preferably by someone who also speedruns the game. 

FiberTales: DummyKart is one of the few games that does everything so poorly it is impressive.  Not the normal kind of impressive where you want to show your friend this odd little title, the bad kind of impressive where you receive it for free and still feel dirty that Steam knows you loaded it.  Avoid it.


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A budget kart-racer that misses the mark especially when compared to most other comical racers.

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