Ultimate Summer (PC) (Early Access) Review with stream

One of the main strengths of this website is that we manage to highlight some of the lesser known titles that receive very little coverage from any other source.  Smaller creators have less budget, and we are happy to be able to give them some kind of a voice here.  The Ultimate series appears to be one of those titles that has gotten more and more of that coverage.  Honestly, I am glad they do.

If you want to see this game in action you can check out our stream embedded below:

Ultimate Summer is just an odd game; the player tackles the roll of a strangely wounded pig-person who moves at roughly ⅓ the speed of sound and has to defend a washing machine from demons, maybe.  It is an odd mashup of a tower defense, run and gun, and random elements from a battle royale.  It takes them all, throws them in a giant brewers tank, and hopes the potion comes out as some kind of magic elixir.

The problem is that what is produced mainly feels barely functional most of the time, and other part of it just feel half implemented and rushed.  On the Steam page there is a large “Early Access” disclaimer, but as so many games in the past have proven that may mean nothing–once they accept money all bets are off.  Granted, if the single person making this game allowed this more time to brew and worked on it any longer there would be something here. But that warning about it still being in development should set off all kinds of flags.

Ultimate Summer is one of the few rare times that an Early Access game has come out that I honestly hope that it sticks to what that program was intended for, and more work is done on it–there is some kind of special insanity that is crammed in here that you rarely see anymore.  The problem is that Steam has proven time and time again to burn people who rush in to that kind of thing.  So the best course of action is to simply advise the buyer to beware in its current state.


Our Rating - 4


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An Early Access title with potential but has plenty of room for improvement.

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