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Tropico is possibly one of the best city building games out there, hands down.  The way that the game plays the neat twist on resource management, and being just evil enough to keep people happy while promoting your own self interest really gives a unique flavor not found in many other titles.  The series leaped ahead of other titles in the genre years ago but lost some footing when it started to work more on its console controls and expansion friendly content.  The question then becomes if the problems have been fixed in this release.

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One of the more enjoyable things to do inside of Tropico 6 is to simply bribe people who don’t like you.  Most other games can have a steep learning curve around keeping approval ratings up, and while this title has its moments with that, it is always nice to know that the option to simply offer the head of the communist party a good chunk of money to his people are more inclined to vote the player’s way in the upcoming election is always nice.  Because in Tropico corruption isn’t just allowed, it is encouraged.

Probably one of the only complaints that can really be leveled at the game is that factions will continually ask for projects to be built; the Catholics will continually want churches to be built, for example.  The problem with this is that some of the requests don’t really seem to be based around the lack of, or need for, said churches –as one on every street corner has proven not to be enough – but just something that they will continue to ask for.  So the easiest answer is to normally just blow up an existing structure and build a new one on its ashes.  Tropico is clearly all about progress.

There is also the standard coat of face paint that most sequels in this genre get as well.  The graphics are slightly better, although they are still stylized in odd ways.  The way that edicts unlock has been changed slightly to include research from schools, which make them more important than just training citizens for better paying jobs.  The game seems to be rebalanced ever so slightly to make it flow better while adding subtle depth while they were at it.

The game also has scores of maps with their own scenarios to play through.  Many of which can range from making the island nation prosperous, to taking it back from the British colonists.  They are different and all fun and enjoyable, with the factions acting slightly differently on each local, probably due to resources.  The only problem is that there is no clear prompt the main part of the goal has been cleared, and the player can move on.  This can cause the game to be continued for hours without end.  This is also something that could easily be fixed with a quick patch, so it isn’t really that much of an issue.  Also the fact that most of the maps unlock quickly, it is best not to dwell on any one.

Tropico 6 is a great game.  The series has been around forever, and this is a great starting point for anyone that is even passingly interested in the series.  There is a ton of content for anyone looking for just a couple of hours to play.  Not since the first SIMCITY game have I honestly dumped so much time into a city building series, in such a consistent and happy basis.  If you are interested in the genre at all, buy this game.  Don’t wait, just pick it up.


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