Nekopara Vol 2 Review With Live Stream

Nekkopara takes place in a world where the fantasy of having your very own catgirl is not only a reality, it is almost the expected duty of every male alive.  In this Utopia, a catgirl paradise if you will, we join the unnamed protagonist as he attempts to both run a vastly popular bakery and manage to… satisfy a clowder of monster-girls.  For the luck and sake of both the hero and the progression of the game, all parties involved manage to find a way to make everything super interesting; by that of course I mean sexy.

Nekopara2-4When you play Nekkopara you really need to know what you are getting yourself into.  If you think you are sitting down and going to enjoy a point and click adventure akin to that of Tales of Monkey Island, I am sorry to say you have wasted your money.  On the other hand, if you are looking to have genetically modified creatures work as waitresses under your care, become insanely overly gratified when you treat them like human, and repay you with lewdness one should brag to their children about, this is the game that was designed for you.

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While the proposition of a novel filled with catgirls, which can be pet at a moment’s notice, seems like the best use of money one could come up with, there is a downside to the entire adventure.  Seemingly to avoid being labeled as an Adults only game MangaGamer left all of the nudity off of the version that is released on Steam, but were kind enough to leave notes saying that there is a file that can bought and downloaded from their site to add it back in.  It is roundabout, but there really must be a more non-intrusive way to add missing content back into the game.

Nekopara2_1While I could go on and on about the virtues of enjoying an almost entirely non-interactive story (you can pet the catgirls, what else could you ever want), the truth is that at this point in the review all minds have already been made up.  Some have decided that it is just shameless filth that isn’t worth their time and will continue to trumpet that until the end of time.  The other side have probably already bought the game and enjoyed it for what it is, a neat and interesting story with some really hot interactions generously spread throughout.

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