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Wing Warriors GB sc1

Wing Warriors is a new Gameboy shooter with 3 playable characters

July 13, 2022
GBC Tarzan rumble banner

This GBC game has a hidden Rumble Pak feature

July 2, 2022
Little Nemo The Slumberland Hero

Little Nemo: The Slumberland Hero (GBC) demo playthrough

May 5, 2022
Dragonborne DX

Dragonborne DX getting a physical Gameboy Color release

December 10, 2021

DFuzed GBC

Incube8 Games is releasing a new physical GBC puzzle game called D*Fuzed

December 2, 2021
Halloween games

Five Forgotten Halloween games (NOT Horror games)

October 26, 2021
FunKey S banner

FunKey S – tiny retro handheld gaming system Walkthrough

September 20, 2021
Hidden Gems banner

7 Hidden Gem GBC games that should come to Switch Online

September 7, 2021

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