New GBC game Dango Dash now available

Retro publisher Incube8 Games and indie development studio Rebusmind, announce that Dango Dash for the Nintendo GameBoy Color is available on physical cartridges and digital versions.

Ever since an unknown calamity destroyed the world, people live on islands floating in a vast sea of clouds. In a small village on one of these islands lives a young boy called Dango, who tries to find his place in life.

Dango Dash is a platformer adventure game that combines fast-paced action with an engaging story about growing up and fighting for what you believe in. Help Dango in his quest to save his village and defeat the evil Hanami ninja clan threatening their peace.

Standard Edition Includes
Sealed box.
Clear gray cartridge.
Clear cartridge protector.
Instruction booklet.
Dango Dash stickers sheet.
Silkscreened PCB with artwork on the back side.

Snappy platforming through imaginative environments.
A mix of traditional platforming and Zelda-like adventuring.
Quest-driven story advanced by helping each villager.
Soundtrack by Scott Semanski
Stylish 2.5D graphics full of character.

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