Saga of Ryzom

Players embark on their journey in The Saga of Ryzom by creating a unique homin character, enabling them to interact with thousands of players simultaneously on the lush living planet of Atys whose mysterious history still remains to be discovered. Like other massively multiplayer online games, a live development team will continue to work on The Saga of Ryzom after launch to implement regular patch updates to game, adding improvements such as new missions and events. Additional updates will contain new playable races, lands, creatures, skills, actions, which will allow characters to progress further into the saga. In time, players will be able to leave Atys entirely, heading to places that are vastly different than their primitive home.

* Lush, Exotic World
The world of Atys is a beautiful place, full of secrets and danger. Explore the four homin lands, the mysterious Prime Roots, and delve into the mysteries of the past.

* Deep, Involving Storyline
While at first Atys may appear to be a fantasy world, the Saga of Ryzom is multi-genre universe set in the distant future. Once players uncover the truth about the past, they will be able to guide the future. Each server can follow a different path, making their own sagas.

* Flexible Skill-Based Advancement System
Characters in Ryzom are developed through a unique skill-based system that grows in detail as a player develops. While a novice may only train in generic skills, a more experienced character will progress to learning more specific and powerful ones.

* Player-defined Modular Action System
In Ryzom, spells, special attacks, crafting, and many other abilities all work together under the Modular Action System. Each of these Actions are made up of components called ‘Stanzas’ – once a player has learned a number of Actions, they can take those Stanzas and use them to build their own, more powerful, custom Actions.

* Massive Battles with Hordes of Monsters
MMOG gamers are used to situations where their party may encounter a dozen creatures in combat, but Ryzom’s RAID Engine takes this to a whole new level. Hordes of creatures can launch an offensive at once, requiring players to use ‘artillery-class’ weapons to thin the first waves before taking them on directly in epic battles.

* Guild Missions and Cities
When a group of players band together as a guild, they can begin to take on Missions as a single entity. Completing these missions can earn a guild special Actions, outposts, and eventually its own land in which to set up a permanent home.

* Dynamic Invasions
In addition to the player-controlled homins, other factions struggle for control over Atys and each other. Native tribes will assault key outposts, the Kitin can invade at any time, and the Goo will contaminate entire regions if left unchecked. Player action – or inaction – can result in dramatic shifts in control of outposts and regions.

* Complex Item Creation/Enchantment
Although various merchants on Atys do sell basic equipment for adventuring players to use, crafting Actions can be used to create much more complex items from the resources that can be found naturally or harvested from the native creatures. Players can then add enchantment Actions to this equipment, making it vastly more powerful.

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