Viewtiful Joe

Welcome to the world of Viewtiful Joe! Capcom?s innovative super hero action game that mixes funky cartoon-style visuals with classic side-scrolling gameplay and introduces the world?s quirkiest million dollar action hero… Joe! More than just any ordinary dude, Joe must transform into the ultimate superhero. It?s up to you to activate the correct view mode like ?Slow? or ?Zoom In? in order to clobber your enemies with beautiful style! You can also speed up or slow down your visual effects for even more ?viewtiful? moves.

Viewtiful Joe redefines action games by mixing innovative ?viewpoint? fighting into amazing cartoon meets noir environments.

* Introducing Joe?an average Joe caught up in the stunt-filled action movie universe!

* Re-defines Action Games! Innovative 2D/3D hybrid action and stunning visual effects?they?re ?viewtiful!?.

* Fight evil-doers as the super cool super hero Viewtiful Joe and rescue you?re girl, Silvia, from the clutches of evil!

* Totally unique combat system! Use VFX Power (Slow, Zoom In & Mach Speed) to obliterate your enemy!

* Vividly comic and funky cartoon-style visuals?a livingbreathing comic book meets Hong Kong action film!



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