Horizons: Empires of Istaria

Horizons is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) set in a world of legend and lore. Filled with humans, elves, dragons and many other creatures and races, Horizons allows players to adventure alone or together in a world of boundless excitement, exploration and if they choose it – danger.

* Flying Playable Characters – including Dragons Millions of customizations on features that include – armor, weapons, buildings, towns, land, character size and shape, hair, horns, wings, and skin.

* Layered clothing and armor to create millions of unique appearance combinations.

* Tradeskills ranging from weapons and armor to construction of cities, large defensive towers and transportation systems

* Open-ended school-based skill system allowing you to choose a role for your character and to later switch to a different role if you desire.

* Prestige schools are also available that provide an opportunity to play more exotic roles in the world.

* Build cities and towns in the new frontier, customizing your land as you choose.

* Advanced community tools, allowing complete management of player guilds/associations/towns including in-game/out-of-game mail and broadcast features, and a host of group management tools

* Cinematic combat and magic displaying excellent visual indicators of your blows, dodges, blocks and spells.

* Advanced AI system that allows for dynamic NPC interaction with the world and players.

* Intuitive and customizable interface with hundreds of options to customize your game experience.

* Dynamic world, cataclysmic events, ethereal creations, hordes of invading creatures, all changing the appearance and function of the world in real-time.

* Dynamic Quest engine allowing you to gain knowledge and skill of the world or to chase the ultimate dream of acquiring land, riches, equipment and fame of epic proportions

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