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For the third month in a row, Nintendo is offering 4 digital games as part of their Club Nintendo program.  February 2013, unfortunately, is a letdown because these games were previously a part of the Club Nintendo program.  But I guess we can’t complain too much given that these downloads are technically free.  It would have been nice if new games became available, or if 3rd party games somehow were able to be a part of the Club Nintendo program, but at least a couple of these games are still worthy of your Coins.



Game #1 – Birds & Beans, DSiWare (3DS)

Price – 100 Coins, normally $1.99

Available Until – March 10, 2013 (was previously available in Oct. 2012)

Summary – It is pretty much a Missile Command clone but instead of blowing up incoming missiles, you eat falling objects via the long tongue of a bird.

Opinion – I have not played this title but from the screenshots and gameplay videos I have seen, it doesn’t seem like the highest quality gaming experience.

Worth Your Club Nintendo Coins? – Save your Coins for something else.



Game #2 – Metal Torrent, DSiWare (3DS)

Price – 150 Coins, normally $4.99

Available Until – March 10, 2013 (was previously available in April 2012)

Summary – It’s a bullet hell shooter, a long lost game genre.

Opinion – If you are a fan of old school shooters and played Gradius and Ikaruga to death, then playing something new might be able to scratch that shooter itch.

Worth Your Club Nintendo Coins?  Depends… do you enjoy shooters?



Game #3 – Paper Mario, N64 (Wii Virtual Console)

Price – 200 Coins, normally 1000 Wii Points

Available Until – March 10, 2013

Summary – The first game in the Paper Mario series is a quality romp in Mario’s diorama world.

Opinion – I played the hell out of this game upon its release back on the N64.  It is a simple and friendly enough that anyone can hop in but contains enough depth and strategy to please RPG fans.  Besides, RPGs were a rare breed on N64.

Worth Your Club Nintendo Coins? – Yes.



Game #4 – Kirby Super Star, SNES (Wii Virtual Console)

Price – 150 Coins, normally 800 Wii Points

Available Until – March 10, 2013 (was previously available Jun 2012)

Summary – Kirby Super Star is a quality title but some gamers might have already played this title on SNES or even the DS remake.

Opinion – Super Star is a nice mix of casual gameplay but with the usual Kirby aesthetic.

Download it? – If you missed this game on SNES and DS, then yes, download this game.


Now that Nintendo is milking their own games, they should really start to look into expanding their Virtual Console titles.  What is the easy way to remedy this?  Simple – GBA games.  I am sure there are many people that would gladly plunk down 150 Coins for Metroid Fusion or Mario and Luigi SuperStar Saga.  Nintendo has promised that GBA games are on the way but March might be a good month to start.

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