Zeno Clash II Out Now to Freak the Crap out of you

Altus has just released Zeno Clash 2 to both PSN and XBLA.  If you missed out on the original, Zeno Clash is a First-Person brawler.  Meaning, instead of guns, you just smack the crap out of everything with your fists.  If this wasn’t unique enough, Zeno Clash is a truly bizarre game.  From the environment to the characters within them, this series is beyond weird and has a personality all its own.  Official details below:

Get ready to punch everything your path with the release of Zeno Clash 2 this week. The long-awaited sequel to Zeno Clash arrives on Xbox LIVE Arcade today for 1200 Microsoft Points, and is currently available on PlayStation Network for $14.99. Zeno Clash 2 will release on PlayStation Network in Europe on Wednesday, July 31.

A hand coming out of the cloud is a normal sight in this game

A hand coming out of the cloud is a normal sight in this game

Zeno Clash 2 picks up where the original left off — Father-Mother locked in prison, his children scattered to the winds of Halstedom, and the protagonist Ghat drowning his sorrows in a local bar. Spurred into action by his sister Rimat, Ghat starts off on a quest to free Father-Mother and winds up on an epic adventure that puts him at odds with the mysterious overseer, Golem.

Zeno Clash 2 is a first-person brawler, so get ready to beat the living hell out of anything that moves in the over-the-top aesthetic of the strange and beautiful world of Zenozoik.

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