World War II: Frontline Command

World War II Frontline Command is an action strategy title set within the era of World War II that will appeal to all levels of PC gamers and war enthusiasts. The game opens with the player dropping paratroopers into Europe to disrupt the entrenched Axis forces ahead of the main invasion forces set to land on D-Day. Players must take command of their forces and turn the tide of Axis aggression while conquering fortress Europe, using a vast amount of authentic infantry, vehicles and weaponry.

* Fully 3D engine allows for advanced gameplay techniques incorporating true 3D Line Of Sight systems, seasonal lighting and environmental effects, landscape scarring and multiple stage deformation for all units and buildings.

* A morale system influences the style and actions of the units in play; for example ?Heroic? actions can be performed when morale is high.

* Intelligent and adaptive AI that reacts to your strategy as you play.

* Features a ?Hearing? system where enemy units that are within range but not in Line Of Sight can be detected if they are heard.

* Cut scenes use real WWII archived footage, including rare color footage, which provides an informative and historical update between sub campaigns.

* 25 Single Player missions that can be played either as a 12-mission ?Recruit? campaign or a 20-mission, non-linear ?Veteran? campaign.

* Command up to 23 real-life WWII units per side, featuring historically accurate hardware.

* Multiplayer support for up to 4 players via LAN and the Internet offering a variety of game styles. 10 specific multiplayer maps and 25 single player maps can also be played.

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