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The Nintendo 3DS eShop version of Squids Odyssey is a port of the Wii U version containing all the same content but with a couple differences involving the smaller screen.

Similar to the Wii U Gamepad controls, the 3DS touch screen with the stylus or Circlepad can be used for all menu navigation and squid flicking but the visuals have received an obvious downgrade over the high res Wii U. Although the game still looks nice on the 3DS with bright colors and fluid animation, the text is rather difficult to read as assets were simply ported over to the smaller 3DS screen. This is unfortunate because stereoscopic 3D effects were added, and work well for non-2DS players, but the same love and care was not taken into consideration when making the transition from the HD Wii U to the smaller screen. Also, the second screen is simply just repeated, often displaying both the top screen image on the bottom screen. While this doesn’t negatively affect gameplay, it just seems like a wasted space or a missed opportunity. Also, the camera seems to be a little more zoomed in than the Wii U version.

It is a very colorful game

It is a very colorful game

European gamers are the lucky ones because Squids Odyssey marks the first cross-buy game available on a Nintendo platform. Buyers of the 3DS version will receive the Wii U version free of charge as long as your Nintendo Network ID is linked properly. Unfortunately, this offer is not available outside of Europe and it only works if buying the 3DS eShop version; buyers of the Wii U version, which was released a few weeks ago, are not eligible for a free 3DS download. Either way, this is a step in the right direction for Nintendo consoles and the developers, the Game Bakers, deserve credit for making strides with Nintendo with a feature that Sony has had for a long time.

Each character has a special ability

Each character has a special ability

Whether playing on Wii U, this new 3DS port, or even the original mobile phone version, Squids Odyssey is a fun adventure that features a great soundtrack matched with creative gameplay that is simple enough to pick up and play but detailed enough to warrant long tactical gaming sessions. Sure, the difficulty spikes and falling off the edge are a chore to work around but gameplay is smart and addicting enough to keep players entertained throughout the entire campaign. Specifically designed for touch screens, this $15 download is worth the admission price and now gamers can take it with them wherever they go. Too bad there is no Metal Gear-like “transfarring” option between versions though.

Give And Take: portability over the HD version with easier to read text
Contender For: a sleeper hit of the year
Also Try: the mobile version

By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief myGamer.com
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Our Rating - 7.6


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