Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Platinum Edition

Return to Castle Wolfenstein: The Platinum Edition is the ultimate bundle for the shooter fan. This ultimate Wolfenstein package includes the original RTCW plus Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, the latest multiplayer game from the much celebrated brand. Players will immerse themselves into depths of Nazi Germany as B.J. Blazkowicz, an Army Ranger recruited into the Office of Secret Actions, or play as a member of the Allies or Axis teams and battle across European regions for non-stop shooting action.

* Epic Single?Player Missions: Battle throngs of the Fuhrer?s brainwashed soldiers and deadly zombies in an epic campaign stretching from Egypt to Norway and into the heart of Nazi Germany.

* Serious Tactical Combat: With a robust scripting system and lifelike AI, tactical combat goes to new levels. Players must survey each situation and decide?use stealth or overwhelming firepower?

Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory:

* The single player campaign allows players to take command of an elite Allied squad of Army Rangers. Players must strategically combine the massive firepower of their soldiers with the skills of their Engineers, Medics, and Covert Ops using tactical ingenuity to triumph through battlefields ranging from Western Europe to the deserts of Egypt.

* Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory also offers players the next generation of award-winning Wolfenstein squad-based multiplayer where players battle, with live opponents or computer-controlled bots, through new scenarios, game modes and a totally new Campaign mode. The game features new elements such as the new Covert Operative class. An enhanced Engineer also put its stamp on multiplayer by allowing Axis and Allies to contruct battlefield bridges, guard-towers and other military installations in the midst of combat.

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