Retro-style platformer 7 Horizons now available on Switch

RedDeer.Games, one of the biggest publishers and developers of Nintendo Switch games, starts June’s edition of the Indie Spring Spree Event with a premiere of the 7 Horizons. Retro sci-fi adventure is available globally on Nintendo Switch consoles from today.

7 Horizons is a colorful, retro-style pixelated platformer in which the player takes on the role of Jelly, whose friends have become trapped and imprisoned by a mysterious villain.

The hero’s task will be to free his companions and, with their combined help, to liberate the planet Mesalia, and its inhabitants from the clutches of the evil.

Players have a choice between a gentler or slightly more belligerent approach to saving the planet. But they must remember – some defeated enemies come back stronger.

Once Jelly’s friends have been freed, players will be able to choose between four characters, each with unique abilities, which can be upgraded with items found during gameplay.

On the course of an important mission, players will encounter complex puzzles, explore a variety of locations, and defeat challenging bosses, all to the sound of 8-bit music.

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