Playboy: The Mansion is golden

By Quinton Miles

The Playboy bunnies are preparing to make their way into your homes, as Hip Interactive announced today that [i]Playboy: The Mansion[/i] has gone gold. In the game, players will virtually step into Hugh Hefner’s shoes as you take the reins of the mega-popular Playboy empire.

“Gamers are now one step closer to virtually walking through the doors of the Playboy Mansion, and experiencing a world of photo shoots, celebrity-filled parties, and midnight rendezvous in the grotto,” said Jim Perkins, president of ARUSH Publishing. “Beyond the sexy fun that players expect from the Playboy brand, ‘Playboy: The Mansion’ is filled with simulation depth, and we are extremely pleased with the final product.”

[i]Playboy: The Mansion[/i] will be rated M for mature and is scheduled to arrive in stores on January 25 for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC.

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