KontrolFreek Now Shields Controllers

KontrolFreek, creators of the popular  FPS FreekSpeed Freek and other highly acclaimed performance gaming accessories, today formally introduced an affordable way for gamers to protect and customize their controllers without custom paint jobs or messy do-it-yourself projects.

Available in seven original designs, KontrolFreek Shields not only look great, but also provide protection from scratches and the natural buildup of dirt and grime that occurs over hours of gaming. The controller skins are low-profile (3 mils thick), laminated vinyl graphics made from a patented 3M adhesive material that applies easily and prevents bubbling during application. The adhesive graphic can be repositioned or removed just as easily without ever leaving any sticky residue behind.

“We are excited to extend the customization and personalization option to the gaming community in a format that’s affordable and easy to apply,” said Ashish Mistry, President and CEO of KontrolFreek. “At the same time, this product allows KontrolFreek to continue delivering on its mission of providing innovative gaming accessories that enhance the gaming experience.”

After receiving positive feedback during a test launch last year, KontrolFreek is formally launching the Shield product and expanding the line with four new designs — for a total of seven designs. The new Shields feature exciting designs and classic combinations that proudly display the KontrolFreek logo. The new lineup includes:

Bombshell – a stunning pink camouflage for cool girls and confident guys
Admiral – a stylish blue marine camo that feels equally at home on land or sea
Grunge – an eye-popping green and black masterpiece, featuring the KontrolFreek logo
Stealth  – a sleek black on black design that subtly incorporates the KF logo

Original designs include CQC camouflage, Ammunition and Structured – our branded black and white design.

All KontrolFreek Shields fit standard issue first-party Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 controllers. A package of two shields retails for $12.99.

Check out the myGamer review of the FPS and Speed Freeks HERE.

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