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From the creators of Project Gotham Racing and Geometry Wars comes a fast paced, viciously action-packed shooter tentatively called The Club.  Being published by Sega and set to be released ‘sometime in 2007’; The Club was shown behind closed doors at E3 and offered a look at a single level of a prototype build of the game. 


The Club is an arcade style shooter that reminds this writer of a combination of The Running Man and Fight Club.  Basically, The Club is a vicious underground blood sport where criminals fight to survive while being watched and backed by a bloodthirsty online community.  The Club is divided into three different classes of people: Moneymen, Hunters, and Prey.  From the sounds of things, the Moneymen will set up deathmatches between; you guessed it, the Hunters and the Prey.  In standard video game fashion, you’ll be thrown into the fray as Prey and work your way through the ranks of Hunters until you eventually become a Moneyman. 


The matches are set up around the world in different ‘arenas’ that offer different visual styles and varying gameplay elements.   The focus of the action isn’t about sneaking around and taking out enemies one at a time.  Just the opposite, when the matches begin you will be scored by a combination of how you chain together kills, the bonuses you pick up, special shots, and special objectives.  Like Mercenary Mode from Resident Evil 4 on steroids, you’ll be frantically running around trying to rack up as many kills as you can while somehow staying alive. 


There was a shift to the potential of the multiplayer aspect of the game and given Bizarre’s previous games, the multiplayer aspect can be expected to be a main selling point of this game.  Bizarre has promised many online gameplay modes and as PGR3 enabled the creation of custom tracks, that kind of customization would not be suprising in The Club.


Given Sega and Bizarre’s previous iterations in fast paced action games, The Club is surely shaping out to be a truly addictive run and gun adventure.  Set for a multi-platform release sometime in 2007, as soon as we hear any more on this, we’ll let you know.


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