E3 2014 – Nintendo Summary

Unlike Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo has had some extra time with their new gen system. In typical Nintendo fashion, they killed it with 1st party announcements but 3rd party support remains low. However, a higher emphasis on smaller indie games was definitely made apparent and Nintendo is also betting heavily on the NFC Amiibo figures.

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Here is a quick summary of just some of the highlighting features regarding Nintendo’s 2014 E3.

– Lady Palatine from the Kid Icarus universe and Pac-Man will join the Super Smash Bros roster. You can also fight as your Mii and Mr. Game & Watch has been hinted.
– Nintendo will launch Skylander-like Amiibo figures that will be used in future games like the new Smash Bros and even Mario Kart 8.
– Bayonetta 2 will launch in October and exactly the over-the-top gameplay you would expect. Two player co-op mode has been confirmed too.
– Mario Maker on Wii U will allow users to make their own Mario 1 style levels and switch between old and new graphics.
– Hyrule Warriors will launch at the end of September, support 2-players simultaneous (one plays on the TV while the other plays on the Gamepad), Zelda, Impa and Midna will be playable and will support a number of different controller options.
– Splatoon is a 4v4 3rd person shooter that has players chucking ink at each other from squid-like inklings. A number of controller options will be supported as well as online play.
– Level-5 will be bringing Fantasy Life, an RPG, to 3DS in October.
– Fossil Fighters Frontier for 3DS will launch sometime in 2015 and now has the ability to travel around in vehicles to find Vivosaurs in fossils.
– Captain Toad Treasure Tracker will be available for Wii U sometime this holiday season and kind of plays like the rubik’s cube style stages in Super Mario 3D World. He can also throw veggies Mario 2 style.
– Mario Party 10 for Wii U has been announced. ‘Nuff said.
– Art Academy for Wii U turns your Wii U into a canvas. Should be available in 2014.
– Pokemon Art Academy for 3DS teaches you how to draw Pokemon. October 2014 release date.
– Yoshi’s Woolly World will launch on Wii U in 2015 but features visuals from Kirby Epic Yarn and two player co-op.
– Mario Vs Donkey Kong for Wii U has been announced and uses the same toy collecting gimmick of previous games.
– Xenoblade Chronicles X for Wii U is the sequel to the highly sort after original.
– Kirby and the Rainbow Curse for Wii U is basically a sequel to the original DS launch title, Canvas Curse.
– The Legend of Zelda for Wii U is in the works but won’t be available anytime soon. However, the new open world gameplay seems to blend the original title’s formula with some Skyrim. Oh yeah, and it looks friggin’ beautiful.
– Wii U Sports Club brings all the Wii Sports games from the original Wii and updates them with online play.
– Just Dance 2015 has been announced for Wii U.
– Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse is now coming to Wii U.
– Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will be playable on Wii U.
– Sonic Boom for Wii U is a new game that will feature a new character. It is also being developed by Big Red Button so let’s hope for some new positive changes to this dying series.
– Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call is going to have a ton of content and should be available on 3DS in 2014.
– A ton of indie/smaller games, like Cubemen 2, Swords and Soldiers II, Armillo, Blast’em Bunnies, and Shovel Knight will all show support from Nintendo.
– Atlus will be releases Persona Q: Shadow of Labyrinth on 3DS.
– Watch Dogs is also headed to Wii U.
– Celebrating E3, Nintendo is also having an eShop sale with some games up to 30% off.

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  1. Avatar of cyberpinoy cyberpinoy says:

    I wish Nintendo would come out with a complete virtual gaming system. 100% virtual like something you see on a Sci-Fi movie. Integrate with your brainwaves and allows you to feel certain amounts of pain, I have been waiting for a system like this for to long. It would be fantastic to have a gaming console that could accomplish this for us. Can you Imagine playing a game Zelda in a virtual world. Yes YES absolutely YES.

  2. Avatar of Dandapatra Dandapatra says:

    I’m really looking forwards to the new Zelda game. I heard it’s a lot like skyrim and you can explore a lot more than say, OoT. That’s gonna be bonkers!

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