E3 2014 – Sony Summary

Similar to Microsoft, E3 2014 is a unique year for Sony as their new gen system, the PS4, has been available for about half a year now and quality unique games have been scarce. Most major announcement revolved around sequels versus new IPs and Sony seems to be putting more and more faith into their VR headset, Morpheus.

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Here is a quick summary of just some of the highlighting features regarding Sony’s 2014 E3.

– Uncharted 4 is coming to PS4 and appears to be the last game in the series.
– Playstation Now has been announced which will provide instant games on PS4 and even some special Sony TVs.
– A new trailer for Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain makes you wish that you are living in the future so you don’t have to wait for this game to be released.
– Driveclub will use weather effects to great effect.
– The Order: 1886 is looking like quite the detailed game.
– infamous Second Son is getting DLC that unlocks a new playable character.
– Little Big Planet 3 has been announced.
– Playstion Morpheus VR is really a thing.
– EA is putting a new twist on the Battlefield series with Battlefield Hardline.
– Bruce Lee will be playable in the next UFC game.
– Of course a new Call of Duty has been announced.
– Dead Island 2 will be coming to PS4 and will have an exclusive beta and level on PS4.
– There will be a Destiny PS4 console bundle when the game becomes available in September. The console will be white instead of black.
– Playstation TV is coming to North America. It will allow gamers access to Playstation Now, Vita, PS1 and PSP games. Retail price will be $99.
– Not a whole lot going on with the Vita
– A remastered version of Grim Fandango will be coming to PS Vita.
– Entwinded is a trippy looking new IP.
– Far Cry 4 will somehow allow players to participate with friends online even if they do not own the game. Animals also seem to be rather offensive too.
– The Share button the PS4 controller will allow instant uploads to YouTube.
– Ratchet and Clank The Movie is happening.
– The Last of Us is being remastered for PS4.
– GTA V will be coming to PS4 with save file transfer functions.

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