Club Nintendo Says Good-Bye With New January 2015 Games

Say Good-Bye –

Nintendo launched the Club Nintendo program over 6 years ago, offering game incentives in exchange for fan loyalty and survey responses. Kicking off the New Year, Nintendo has just announced this Club Nintendo program will be ending in the coming months. While it is sad to see this program go, Nintendo is providing one last opportunity to earn and more importantly, use, your Club Nintendo coins before they are deleted forever.

Click here to read the official details of this closing.

In summary, Club Nintendo members have until 3-31-15 to earn coins. This means this is the last day to enter Club Nintendo codes and register products. Then, 6-30-15 will be the last day to redeem these coins. All coins will be deleted after this June expiration date with no further chance to redeem. The good news is, Nintendo is planning a new rewards program but accounts will not transfer to this upcoming new program. Nintendo has not released any details about this new program yet.

Nintendo is also planning on releasing several new games and items to the Club Nintendo store in February as a way for members to spend those coins before they expire. Also, as a way of saying thank you, Nintendo will be giving away Flip Note Studio 3D to every Club Nintendo member at some point in the near future.

Nintendo is still planning on releasing Gold and Platinum special gifts like in previous years. These Elite Status gifts will be available between April 1 – April 30, 2015. Details on these gifts will probably surface in the beginning of April or late March.

At the time of this posting, Nintendo has removed the EARN COINS button from their top menu bar after logging in. This means members will probably not be able to earn extra coins for taking post-play surveys anyway. Also, since this news was just released, the Club Nintendo site is moving rather slow so users might need patience if trying to redeem their Coins over the next few days.

Luckily, there is a new batch of 8 games available, kicking off January 2015. They are all Virtual Console titles and many have been available before. Here is a breakdown.

super-mario-bros-2-wiiuGame #1 – Super Mario Bros. 2 (NES on WiiU VC)
Price – 200 Coins
Summary – Mario’s 2nd adventure substitutes brick breaking jumps for plucking and chucking veggies.
Worth Your Club Nintendo Coins? – If you have never played Mario 2 before, you need to do so as it is unlike most Mario games.

excitebike_wiiuGame #2 – Excitebike (NES on WiiU VC)
Price – 200 Coins
Summary – Nintendo’s original dirtbike racer, a single player game.
Worth Your Club Nintendo Coins?   Excitebike is classic NES game that still holds up today. However, it has been a part of the Club Nintendo program before so you probably already own or have played this game.

Super MetroidGame #3 – Super Metroid (SNES on Wii VC)
Price – 250 Coins
Summary – The pinnacle of the Samus journeys.
Worth Your Club Nintendo Coins? – Yes, especially if you have somehow never played this game. Get it.

super-punch-out-wiiGame #4 – Super Punch-Out!! (SNES on Wii VC)
Price – 205 Coins
Summary – One part puzzle game, one part twitch reflex, Super Punch-Out!! is a worth sequel to the original.
Worth Your Club Nintendo Coins? – The Punch-Out!! series has always been a demanding game, requiring patience along with plenty of trial-and-error.

Mario Land GBGame #5 – Super Mario Land (GB on 3DS VC)
Price – 150 Coins
Summary – Mario’s first Gameboy outing was created specifically for the less powerful hardware instead of being a NES port.
Worth Your Club Nintendo Coins? – Yes, this game actually holds up surprisenly well and the soundtrack is superb, especially the ending theme. Watch the myGamer Editor-In-Chief play through this entire game HERE.

donkey_kong Game #6 – Donkey Kong (GB on 3DS VC)
Price – 150 Coins
Summary –
Worth Your Club Nintendo Coins?

Warioland 2 GBCGame #7 – Warioland 2 (GBC on 3DS VC)
Price – 200 Coins
Summary – Players take control of Mario’s nemesis on a quest for loot.
Worth Your Club Nintendo Coins? – This game has never been available via Club Nintendo before so you might want to jump on this.

legend-of-zelda-3dsGame #8 – The Legend of Zelda (NES on 3DS VC)
Price – 200 Coins
Summary – If I have to explain this, you probably shouldn’t be reading this right now.
Worth Your Club Nintendo Coins? – What do you think?


For more information about Club Nintendo click HERE.
For a list of Previous Club Nintendo Games Offered in 2014, click HERE.

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  1. Avatar of OGRICHBOI OGRICHBOI says:

    It’s a great thing Nintendo went out with a bang. Several games for the loyal customers to choose from. Definitely checking this out before my coins expire. Hopefully they’ll be able to create a customer loyalty service similar to this one again.

  2. Avatar of toradada5598 toradada5598 says:

    Ehhh??? :((( I kind of feel sad from this news…

    But it’s Nintendo anyway 🙂 For sure, they’ll (or already have) come up with better ideas.

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