Western-style gallery shooter Bullet Rodeo now available on Switch

RedDeer.Games just released Bullet Rodeo – a western-style bullet hell game. Catch the bandits and retrieve the townsfolk’s money – now on Nintendo eShop!

Bullet Rodeo is the cowboy dream straight from wild west movies, where the players will be put in the shoes of a vigilante. To win, they have to skillfully dodge bullets and shoot right back to get rid of the bandits.

All of this action happens in unique locations that bring to mind the wild west – including a moving train!

The wild west is all about rolling, crouching and hiding behind cover when enemy shots rain. The trick to winning is returning fire skillfully, avoiding the innocent dwellers of the towns, and watching the revolver’s bullets – it can only fire six times before reloading.

When running low on health, players will be able to spot an eagle to shoot, it will regenerate some HP. Keeping eyes open for both the enemy shots and the skies is important – failing at any point means starting from the very beginning.

Bullet Rodeo lets players have their own scoreboard with their attempts, the more points the better! No attempt is the same either, and many enemies have their specialties – be it shooting with two guns or throwing dynamite.

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