Ultimate Summer debuts on PC in Early Access

Ultimate Summer, a twisted mix of primitive carnage known from titles like Serious Sam and (un)heroic defensive maneuvers characteristic of the tower defense genre, is debuting on PC. The game is scheduled to enter Early Access on January 15th, where it should remain till May this year. The bloodiest tower defense game in history is also planned to later launch on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch.

Ultimate Summer is being developed by the Polish studio Asmodev, who previously released the rhythm-and-demon-filled Infernal Radiation on PC. The studio also continues to develop its magnum opus, Priest Simulator. Ultimate Summer will be published by Ultimate Games S.A.

Asmodev’s new project combines elements of classic shooters and tower defense games. The gameplay focuses on single-player mayhem and allows the players to, among other things, gather resources, set traps and build towers. As the developers indicate, Ultimate Summer is a blend of well-known elements and mechanics, while at the same being the bloodiest tower defense game in history.

“We wanted to create a painfully generic tower defense title. In part, we’ve succeeded, because it is indeed an old chestnut of a game. In part, we haven’t, because it tastes fresh and bloody. It’s because we’ve also added mechanics typical for other genres. Gathering resources, a selection of weapons to choose from, shops, skill development, Heaven, Hell, aliens, blood…” – raves Mim, one of the creators.

Ultimate Summer tells the not-so-subtle story of a retired butcher who heads to ZOO Island for a quiet vacation. Unfortunately, our unusual hero accidentally finds himself in conflict with the forces of Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, Cthulhu, Carnivores and Aliens.

“It’s a low-budget release available at a fair, low price. Ultimate Summer was born out of the fascination with Castle Fight, a mod for Warcraft III. We’re not very creative, so we just stole some of the solutions, in tribute to the original devs – admits Mim.

When it enters Steam’s Early Access, Ultimate Summer will be fully playable and complete. Over the subsequent few months, the Asmodev team intends to, among other things, introduce a new sound system, extend the soundtrack and add new difficulty levels.

Ultimate Summer – main features:

  • a mix of a shooter and a tower defense game;
  • unforgettable story;
  • ability to harvest resources and souls;
  • Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, Cthulhu, Carnivores and Aliens;
  • 30 types of enemies and 14 bosses;
  • many weapons, even more traps and towers;
  • set in the Asmodev universe.

The PC release date (Steam Early Access) is set to 15th January 2021, while the final launch is scheduled for May this year. Later, the blood-soaked tower defense game will also hit consoles: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch.

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