Sticky action platformer GUM+ coming to Switch and Xbox

RedDeer.Games announced that something extremely sticky is coming to Nintendo Switch and Xbox later this year!

A new game in their portfolio – Gum+ will make players unable to break away from it… as if they cling to it!

Gum+ is a captivating story of an animated magical blob and his journey through a not-so-friendly, huge world full of puzzles and, of course, traps.

Enjoy the thrill of solving difficult puzzles and save the world at the same time. Avoid pitfalls, bombs, spikes, and crumbling floors. Set off on a mind-bending journey.

A blob of magical gum needs your help. Solve any puzzle standing in his way. Push and pull blocks to make it to the next staircase in one piece.

The traps you encounter will be deadly. Don’t worry about making mistakes though. You can always backtrack or start the level all over again.

Earn trophies that will help you unlock new worlds. To get them you need to complete levels, with as few moves as possible. There are plenty of secrets to discover so make sure, to pay close attention.

A great puzzle wouldn’t be as impactful without a great soundtrack. Enjoy all of the 33 unique music tracks that will accompany you throughout this journey.

If you get tired of the original 76 levels of Gum+, try out the built-in level editor. Make your own challenges and share them with your friends.


  • Lots of clever puzzles
  • Single-player story-mode
  • Full-featured level editor
  • 33 original soundtracks
  • Retro graphics

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