As the military leader of our species, the player must gather the resources to train and expand the military and lead them to victory in a battle for land and power, as human exiles in the far-future struggle to survive on the rim of the galaxy. Engage in three different campaigns and 30 different missions in the battle for control over the fate of the galaxy.

* 30 unique missions will challenge you across 3 different campaigns as you control the fate of the galaxy

* Control any of 3 different species, each with unique units, technologies, attributes, and abilities

* Included Campaign Editor allows players to edit units and create their own campaigns

* StarCraft boasts award-winning advanced control features, such as waypoints and training queues, to provide enhanced gameplay

* Multiplayer games for up to 8 players over IPX Networks and, 4 players with Direct Cable Connection, and 2 players with modem Connection.

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