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In January 2018, Nintendo announcing they will be shutting down all Miitomo service on 5/9/2018 at 12:00am (PDT).  At the time of this writing, that is just a day away. Users have been unable to purchase extra Miitomo coins since January but Nintendo has been giving 5,000 coins away for each daily log-in bonus along with a handful of game tickets.

Miitomo End

This is the notification of services ending.

Known for being Nintendo’s first official mobile “game,” this application wasn’t really even a game at all.  Instead, users would answer questions and share them with friends. As a reward for answering random questions, users would be treated to Miitomo coins in which they can be used to buy new outfits and materials for their Miitomo living space.  It was sort of like a weak version of Animal Crossing mixed with the disbanded Everybody Votes Channel that appeared on the original Wii hardware. Miitomo was available for iOS and Android devices. It was also tied into Nintendo’s MyNintendo reward program in which users also earned Platinum MyNintendo coins.

Miitomo coins

Nintendo was giving away Coins and Tickets before shutting down as a “thank you.”

What do you think?  Are you sad to see this app go? Did you even use it? Let us know what you think in the comment below.

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