Pretty Girls Panic! PLUS (PS4) Review with stream

Sequel to the original Pretty Girls Panic! released just a few months ago, Pretty Girls Panic! PLUS is more of the same. My article on the original game can be found HERE.

The “Panic” portion of the title comes from trying to fill portions of the screen before an enemy or projectile interrupts your enclosure.  Once 80% of the play field has been enclosed, the player is rewarded with a still frame drawing of an anime babe and it is on to the next.  Replay value comes from the online leaderboards and trying to complete each stage flawlessly. 

To see some gameplay, check out my stream embedded below:

Unfortunately, the newly implemented differences over the original actually hinders gameplay. The biggest difference is the background. For some reason, a white polka dotted background is animated in the background but the enclosures you create are also white. This makes it nearly impossible to see which parts of the screen are empty or already filled. Also, the enemy sprites have been swapped but act just like those in the original game so there is nothing new there either. The only enhancement this version has over the original are more stages, aka more girls, to unlock.  The dressing room mode found in the main menu is also bare bones, only giving players the ability to scroll and zoom the pretty ladies in their outfits. There is no animation and even the name “dressing room” is misleading since outfits or accessories cannot be swapped.

Pretty Girls Panic! PLUS is your basic action/puzzle game that you probably played many times before only with cute anime ladies in the background who are dressed at a PG to PG-13 rating, if that. I prefer the original over this version but perhaps fans will appreciate the extra girls to unlock. Trophy hunters should also take note as earning that Platinum won’t take too long, just like many other EastAsiaSoft titles.

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

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Our Rating - 4.5


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Basically acting like DLC from the original, Pretty Girls Panic! PLUS is more of the same but somehow just a little worse.

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