Polyrace PC Review

Dem polygons tho…

Binary Dream, a brand new French indie developer has now launched their flagship game, Polyrace. This premiere title is an insanely paced racer with procedurally generated levels and 4 ships to choose from; you will have a different experience every time.

Polyrace 1Racing is a video game genre as old as video game themselves, so there is so much to compare to when finding a new one has come out. Binary Dream has made some very wise decisions, and has learned from the generations passed and tried to take the best from all its ancestors.  Using cell shading for its environment is a stroke of genius, since its gives a timeless look that can be enjoy for years to come.  The incredible speed at which your ship moves is very reminiscent of F-Zero and really keeps your attention at all times. The low polygon graphics are a nice homage to those that have come before, and doesn’t make you take it too seriously, which just makes it more fun.

With its semi-cartoonish look, you might mistake this for a poorly made game, but then the moment you are thrust into the race you realize your mistake. The adrenaline kicks in, and you realize you’re about to crash into a wall at 1000mph unless your twitch reflexes can kick in. Even if you do survive, it will take a long time to master the course which may not be advantageous since it allows for all kinds of short cuts straying away from the guided path. This flexibility is great and forces you to think outside of the box.

There a few modes to choose from, those being the campaign, training, and a multiplayer and track editor so you can share with your friends, and a challenge of the day track made by other players. It’s great to see that you can not only make your own level, but to share your “ghost” or attempt at the track with others just spurs on the competition. Polyrace has a nearly perfect level of difficulty, as it has that “one more time” feeling each time you fail. Just one second needs to be shaved, and I can get the next level is a great motivator, and will keep you coming back for more.

PolyRace_16-12-2015_21-31-18-806There are a few drawbacks among all the success though. I do wish the game was larger, since it would max out at around 15-20 hours, and I wish there was more ships to choose from.  Local coop would be a nice touch too, since I’d love to challenge my friends right there and then but these are but dust on the gold that is a well thought out and fairly priced game. Since this is the first work from the new indie dev, it’s very hard to see what the future will hold for Binary Dream. But, if they keep making games like this with their great pacing, supreme freedom, and addictive qualities then I will definitely keep an eye on them.

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