Murdered: Soul Suspect (Xbox One) Review

Murdered: Soul Suspect has received many mixed reviews from critics, which is something you can expect anytime a game does something different. First of all, I must say that this game somewhat depresses me, and not because the story or anything negative like that. It depresses me because the game developer “Airtight Studios” went out of business just a little after the game was released. That has to be bad luck, right?

It is not often that you get to play a video game as a ghost character, the theme is completely unique and the story was carefully put together. Some of the other published reviews I read express frustration over the character and his lack of ghost abilities. Yeah, you are a ghost solving your own murder case, and you can’t just haunt people and walk through any wall you come across. There are limits, and they actually make both the gameplay and story more interesting.

What’s so bad about this game that it has received poor reviews? This is something I can’t really explain after playing the game myself, but here are some of the unpleasant aspects of the game…

It is way too short! The game does not take long to beat and when you’re done you will never pick it up again, unless your moving it out of your sight. That sounds harsh but it is true, at least for me it is. The visuals are nice, but you don’t have the opportunity to interact with the world in the way you want, so it’s like a huge tease. Another problem with Murdered is the fact that the story only has a straight path and it’s not much of an adventure. The combat sucks because you will come across many demon enemies that you can’t actually fight. Basically, you have to sneak up on them and perform an exorcism. This gets old quick, but it definitely doesn’t ruin the game.

murdered-soul-suspectNow that the negative stuff is out of the way I can talk about the things I like, such as the graphics and storyline. One of the bad things I said about the game was that there is only one linear path you can take throughout the entire game. This was not an issue for me as I have wasted time with far less interesting games, movies and TV shows. The story is good, and the conclusion is far from disappointing. This is something most games can’t say, as even if a game is fun to play that doesn’t mean it’s going to end well. Murdered: Soul Suspect has a good ending, so try not to rush to it, you’ll get there soon.

The graphics are amazing on the Xbox One, so this is not something you will see most people bash on. The problem with having such high quality graphics and stunning visuals is that people like me want to interact more with the universe the game creators have put us in.

Murdered: Soul Suspect is a great game to play once before selling it at a place like GameStop. I really enjoyed the visuals from the game on my Xbox One and many of my friends were impressed by the graphics as well. The game is too short, and I personally think that’s the only thing holding it back. It was nice to play a supernatural game for with witches, demons, exorcisms and more crazy stuff that you don’t get to see in the video game world often.

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