MonkeyPaw’s Week 2 of PSONE Retro Round Up Sees Release of Lucifer Ring

Last week MonkeyPaw released Double Dragon, a long forgotten PSOne one-on-one fighter. This week Lucifer Ring was released on PSN with four more titles set to be released over the next few weeks. Here are some official details about this week’s title:

Lucifer Ring, a hidden treasure from the beat-’em-up genre, is now released for $5.99 on the PlayStation Network thanks to MonkeyPaw Games, Inc. and the Retro Rush event to highlight PSone imports each week until February.

In Lucifer Ring, you play as Nash, a young warrior, looking to stop the evil wizard Bair from opening the gates of Hell with the powerful Lucifer Rings scattered around the fantasy world of Freisia. Nash will need to hack and slash through fierce monsters like Red Dragons, Minotaurs and the dreaded… Bob… to release the land from the strangling dark clutches plaguing Freisia.

Changing name

Popular with import game collectors seeking difficult to find games, Lucifer Ring was one of the first 3D beat-’em-up games to change up the. With Nash’s trusty blade, you can arm him extra power-ups to vanquish all the foes in his path. Known for its difficulty, this is a brawler will give fans of the genre the challenge.

Lucifer Ring will be available January 21 as the second title of the MonkeyPaw Games Retro Rush where six import PSone titles will be released each week until February 18, 2014.
More information about the MonkeyPaw Games Retro Rush can be found on

Lucifer Ring features:

  • Fight the forces of evil with sword power-ups
  • Over 20 enemies
  • 8 boss battles
  • 5 unique environments to explore

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