Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance – Blade Wolf DLC Review (PS3)

Doesn’t Teach New Tricks –

Outside of some VR Missions, players are given the opportunity to jump into the shoes of Jetstream Sam and now Blade Wolf, the AI controlled pooch that seeks, and questions, freedom.  But this new Blade Wolf add-on has a lot in common with Sam’s side mission; it is a lazy attempt at cashing in from Metal Gear die-hards.

Although it is interesting to learn some background history of this cybernetic chainsaw wielding pup, all assets are reused from the main campaign in this 2gb DLC.  Environments are reused, enemies repeat, and there is no way to level up or earn new abilities.  At least Blade Wolf has the ability to stealth kill, unlike Sam.  It took me one hour and fifteen minutes to finish this extra content and that was with completing a few of the optional Blade Wolf exclusive VR missions.  One VR mission takes place in a 2D side scrolling point of view and is reminiscent of classic Mario Bros which was pretty cool but the other missions are trials in tenacity.  The only new feature is the campaign-ending boss battle which isn’t particularly exciting; this boss character is never mentioned throughout Raiden’s campaign.

This forgettable character is the final boss.

This forgettable character is the final boss.

Blade Wolf does play a little differently than Raiden and Sam which is a welcomed change.  Vertical claw slashes and horizontal tail swipes are his main modes of attack while throwable heat knives are handy for dispatching pesky flying units from a distance.  This metal dog can definitely hold his own in battle but it will be beneficial to use stealth kills whenever possible.  There is even a Trophy that unlocks once 30 stealth kills are performed.  But no matter how many enemies are killed, there is no option to upgrade abilities and grow stronger albeit finding hidden Endurance +1 capsules in breakable item boxes.

Blade Wolf... Yup, that's your name.

Blade Wolf… Yup, that’s your name.

The reward and focus of playing through this optional DLC is to learn how Blade Wolf became the questioning AI that he is.  Without giving away spoilers, the ending sequence was a bit of a surprise as a character from Raiden’s campaign makes an appearance.  But even though this $7 DLC is better than Jetstream Sam’s, the price to play will only be justified by dedicated Metal Gear fans.


Better Than: Jetstream Sam DLC

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