Mastho is Together (Xbox One) Review with Stream

Mastho is Together is another EastAsiaSoft and Ratalaika Games low cost downloadable 2D “get to the other side” platformer. Much like Castle of the Pixel Skulls, there isn’t much in terms of abilities; the player can jump and wall jump, there are extra to collect, or secrets to find. Although there isn’t much gameplay here, Achievement (or Trophy) hunters will definitely want to take note as it only takes a few minutes and minimal effort earn them all. In fact, I earned 11/12 Achievements in my 10 minute stream embedded below. The only reason I didn’t unlock the 12th one is because I wanted to save some for later.

For some reason, players assume the role of a marshmallow and spikey things are out to kill him.  There is no story so why a sugar-free marshmallow is anyone’s guess.  Level design is the star of the show here since there is no other gimmick available.  Each stage revolves around precision platforming and the challenge increases with each passing level. The design is minimalistic, as each of the single screened stages are composed of basic shapes, main marshmallow character included, with a pleasant but repeating soundtrack.  There is no HUD, restarts will be frequently but instant, and there isn’t even much of a main menu. Yup, this game gets straight to the point. Also, the control feels pretty good so each death is usually on the player… usually.

In addition to having a strange name, Mastho is Together is a plain precision platformer.  It is by no means bad, there just isn’t much happening here. Once you clear the first twelve stages and snag all 1000 Gamerscore, you probably won’t need to keep playing as there is no replay value or much variety. 

Also available on Playstation consoles and Switch.

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

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Another low cost, 2D platformer by EastAsiaSoft that features super easy Achievements.

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