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Playing as an astronaut that needs to power his ship, Crazy Gravity is a simple Point A to Point B platformer.  With no offensive powers, this low cost digital download is all about avoiding obstacles, collecting that lightning bolt icon, then reaching the finish line.

The gimmick comes from the control reversing mechanic.  Each stage is essentially divided into an upper half and lower half.  The upper half controls exactly as you would expect but everything reverses when the lower half is entered – up becomes down, left becomes right, and right becomes left.  While the upside down jumping is easy to understand, reversing left and right controls is annoying and never fun.  The worst is actually that dividing line as the player’s control changes in a split second. You might be holding right because you need to land on that next platform, but then suddenly the control reverses, sending the player backwards. Thankfully, this is not a crazy fast twitch platformer and the slower paced stages are mostly manageable but it still is majorly flawed.

The presentation is also very simple, complete with a hand drawn early Flash game design.  It works and it is easy to understand each hazard and element in the background/foreground but it is overly plain.  The music, and its one looping tune, also acts similarly.  It is composed well enough but it becomes boring through repetition. 

Crazy Gravity is a nothing special platformer with an annoying control scheme and bland visuals.  However, it only costs five bucks and has some very easy Achievements. It only takes a few minutes to earn them all with each one earning large Gamerscore. Achievement and Trophy hunters should take note but everyone else should not.

Not As Good As: VVVVVV

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Not To Be Confused With: GraviFire

By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

Twitter: @ZackGaz

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Our Rating - 4.5


Total Score

A simple platformer with a control reversing mechanic that annoys way more than pleases.

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