I Wanna Fly (Switch) Review

Free Falling

Categorized as an endless runner, I Wanna Fly has the player controlling the vertical movement of a falling chick by using a single button; gameplay and control could not be any simpler. The goal is to avoid rockets, birds, asteroids, and other hazards during the free fall back to solid ground while staying within bounds of the screen’s boards.  It is sort of like Flappy Bird but in reverse as the chick is falling as opposed to moving left or right.  The goal is to get a high score and collect coins during the downward journey.  With enough coins, players can unlock some new cosmetic differences.

Essentially a basic mobile game ported to Switch eShop, I Wanna Fly is decent five-minute time waster.  Only costing a couple bucks, players can get their money’s worth even though there isn’t much staying power.  That is not to say, however, the game is without charm or detail.  The pixel art is simple but adorable and the background even changes as the player falls further and further. The soundtrack, although very limited, is very upbeat and pleasant although you won’t want to listen to it for several minutes straight.  Unfortunately, I kept encountering a strange glitch in which the cursor on the main menu would disappear forcing a full restart (using the Pro controller in docked mode).

Like most one-trick mobile games, I Wanna Fly is really only enjoyable when played in short bursts. With limited options, such as single-player only, only controlling vertical movement, restricted to local high scores, and pointless unlockables, there isn’t much replay value or incentive to continue. But for an inexpensive, gimmicky, but simple controlling arcade game, expectations can only be so high.

Not As Good As: your endless runner of choice

Ask: what came first – chicken or the egg?

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief myGamer.com

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Our Rating - 5


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An inexpensive and super simple mobile game-style title placed on the Switch eShop

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